Big Brown Fish Hatchery was started in 1971 as a hobby at the age of 11, by its owner Charles A. Conklin II. The first sale was made in 1975. It was difficult for Charles to sell these fish, they had become pets and he had names for 25 of the most distinct individuals. The fish that he was the fondest of was Big Brown. In 1984 after graduating from college, the hatchery became a full time business. A name was needed and the first to come to mind was Big Brown Fish Hatchery.

Today, Big Brown has 6 full time and 10 part time employees. The company produces 260,000 pounds of Brown, Brook, Rainbow, Tiger, and Golden Trout and approximately 20,000 pounds of Largemouth Bass annually. 

About 25% of the fish are sold to Big Brown's own pay lake, 65% are stocked for private sport fishing, and 10% are sold to food processors

Where the fish are always biting!

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